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Eliason Motor Toboggan production represented 35 years of innovative pioneering effort. The final K series models directly influenced Polaris which in turn influenced Arctic Cat, Fox Trac, Tee Nee Trailer and all rear engine designs that came along in the early 1960's. The 1960 Ski-Doo further guided the nature of snowmobiling that allowed recreational opportunities to develop.

The pioneering efforts of Carl Eliason and the FWD Corporation wrote one of the earliest chapters in snowmobiling history. Their Motor Toboggans made winter tracks that we do, indeed, follow today.

The following individuals and organizations have made the resources to these Web Pages, on the production of the Eliason/FWD Motor Toboggans, possible. Their efforts include research, sharing of photos, documents and graphic design. They are:

John M. Casey Family

The Antique Snowmobile Club Of America

Dr. William Backer

Frank Daughenbaugh

The Carl Eliason Family

Pat & Jerry Eve

The Four Wheel Drive Company

Jerry Hatfield, Motorcycle Historian

Bud Knapp

Leisure Features

Life Magazine

Gil & Joanne Mangels

Esta Manthos

Dennis Mayer

Popular Mechanics Magazine

Wally & Ann Rasmussen

Carl Reichwald

Kenneth Robarge

Ian Smith

Joe Smith

Russ Sutton

The Vilas County Historical Society

The Vintage Snowmobile Club Of America

C.J. "Bud" Wieman

The Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resoources

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism


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